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Meet the Cast! Natalie Ferris

We've interviewed the cast so you can get to know them better. Meet Natalie Ferris!

Tell us briefly about your work as an artist 

Most of my experience comes from community theatre with a few professional gigs as well! I am a university student and an aspiring musical theatre artist who is looking forward to this incredible project. 

What is your role in ‘Disturbance’?

I will be singing the role of ‘the Neighbor’s Daughter’ as well as ensemble. I had the chance to record a few demo tracks, so I got to watch this production grow into what it is today! 

What attracts you about ‘Disturbance’?

The combination of beautiful music and the meaningful message of ‘Disturbance’ is something that should be shared with our community. The audience is challenged with new perspectives and the show encourages thought about a topic that is, otherwise, swept under the rug. I’m looking forward to bringing this important story to life. 

What are some of your favourite staged performances you’ve ever seen or been in?

I was very lucky to be a part of a theatre company that exposed me to a vast variety of musical theatre styles. One of my favourite productions that I have ever performed in was ‘Legally Blonde’ because it’s such a high energy show from start to finish! It was so much fun to get to ‘bend and snap’ just like Elle Woods! 

Anything else you want to tell us about?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Acting at the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia. It is so exciting to embark into the professional world and expose myself to the industry. 

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