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Meet the Cast! Julianne Spicer

We've interviewed the cast so you can get to know them better. Meet Julianne Spicer!

Tell us briefly about your work as an artist 

I'm a singer/musician and a painter.   Most of my musical work entails  performing and recording -  performing live at events, lounges, weddings, clubs, you name it, and recording voice on TV commercials, games, other peoples' albums, and voiceover/narration. 

As a composer I've put out an album of my own songs, an album of ambient solo piano pieces, and even - years ago dabbled a bit with TV/film music. Painting is something I've always loved and done on the sidelines but I'm hoping to make that more prominent in the near future.

What is your role in 'Disturbance'?

I'm the mistress's alter ego, where I play piano and sing a little, I also play piano on few other singer's songs as well as sing in the chorus.

What attracts you about 'Disturbance'?

Having never worked on a musical or theatre production before I found the invitation to join a fascinating creative opportunity.  My nearest connection to this field has been playing piano for the Tokyo Comedy Improv group on and off over the years, so this is all totally new territory for me.   And since the project has been created from the ground up, there's also been lots of creative interaction with ideas input.   It's been a wonderful experience that way. And it's also been wonderful to interact with such a talented group of people.  Lots to learn from everyone!

As for the content - well it's a dark story, which I feel has been treated beautifully and respectfully.   Hats off to everyone involved for bringing it to life and treating such a difficult subject - which sadly continues to occur on a  regular basis - with such reverence. What are some of your favourite staged performances you've ever seen or been in?

To be honest I've seen very little theatre, though that being said in last year or two I've the Tokyo Productions of Tommy and Songs for a New World both of which I enjoyed.  I'd like to see more!

Anything else you want to tell us about?

I'm grateful to be involved in this project as it's so different to anything I've ever done, and yet at the same time the creative collaboration I've experienced here transcends genre -  it feels in many ways very similar to the collaborations that go on in the studio and band rehearsals when working on my own songs, or on other musical (non-theatre) projects.  

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