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About Disturbance

'Disturbance' is a chilling tale of a family, a community and domestic violence.

Adapted for the stage by Rachel Walzer, 'Disturbance' is based on the book by Ivy Alvarez with music by Mark Ferris. 


Mark, Rachel and 'The Disturbance Project' have collaborated to produce this Tokyo premiere. 'Disturbance' is based on a true story. On the face of it, a normal family deals with 'ordinary' issues; a husband and wife, who met 27 years ago, raise their two children, maintain a home, work, play and interact with friends, family and neighbours.


'Disturbance' is a dramatic, musical exploration of a dark 'secret' which has a tragic ending. It is a story which needs to be told and shines a light on a prominent social issue which deserves more attention....domestic violence. 

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Family picture.png
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