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Meet the cast! Caitlin Kelly

We've interviewed the cast members so you can get to know them better. Meet Caitlin Kelly!

Tell us briefly about your work as an artist

I’m a singer and an actor. I have a BFA from NYU CAP21. I work as a voice actor and have narrated over 150 audiobooks.

What is your role in ‘Disturbance’?

I play several roles. The emergency operator who answers Jane’s call. A young police officer who responded to Jane’s call. A gossipy neighbor.

What attracts you about ‘Disturbance’?

I feel deeply about this issue with the large number of mass shootings occurring in my home country of the USA. Many mass shootings in the US are related to domestic violence. And Disturbance tells the story of how many times community members could have intervened and did not. How blame is left on the families when a whole community should bear responsibility. Exploring these themes and questioning where guilt lies is difficult work, but important.

What are some of your favourite staged performances you’ve ever seen or been in?

So many. Most recently, Lazarus at NYTW left me speechless. Next to Normal, Fun Home, Hamilton, The Total Bent, Fool for Love.

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