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Meet the cast ! Shayna Magnuson!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

We have interviewed our cast members for you to get to know them.

Meet Shayna Magnuson !

Tell us briefly about your work as an artist 

I have been involved in theatre, on and off stage, since I was 11 years old.  I've worked on many genres of stage productions in Canada and Japan, and have dabbled in film and voice work since coming to Tokyo.

What is your role in ‘Disturbance’?

I am playing Hannah, the daughter who escapes. 

What attracts you about ‘Disturbance’?

The subject matter is incredibly important, and unfortunately very timely.  It could be argued that issues such as domestic violence and mental health have become so prevalent in daily life that they've become easier to tune out due to overexposure.  I'm very attracted to the idea of this original theatrical endeavor approaching these topics from a unique angle, both in terms of theatrical style, and where the emphasis and onus are placed in the story itself.

Of course, I'm also very much attracted to the opportunity to push my boundaries as a performer, and feel extremely privileged to be working on this collaborative project with such a talented and diverse group of individuals.

What are some of your favourite staged performances you’ve ever seen or been in?

I've been very lucky when it comes to exposure to quality stage performances; back home in Toronto, I've always lived within close proximity to incredible, internationally-recognized theatre companies, so I'm a bit spoiled.  However, if I had to pick, I would have to mention "The Black Rider", the theatrical collaboration between Robert Wilson, Tom Waits, and William S. Burroughs.  I staggered out of the theatre after that show physically shaking.  It completely changed my idea of what theatre could be, and how much could be conveyed through that medium.

In terms of shows I've been in, playing Magenta in TIP's "Rocky Horror" stands out in my memory as an extremely special experience.  It blew the doors open for me in terms of the opportunities that followed, which is something I will be always be grateful for.

Anything else you want to tell us about?

Nothing really about me, but I'd just like to thank those reading this site and attending the performances for engaging with this material alongside us.  It's a bit of cliché, but I think in this particular circumstance, it's fitting, and no exaggeration, to say that this show simply can't exist in its entirety without you - your presence, your openness, your thoughts, and your responses.  

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